How to create stock units in Tally ERP 9

In Tally, you can create units and compound units (for e.g. No’s, pcs, box, etc) to measure stocks. Compound unit is referred to combination to two units of measure. For example, a box of 25 pieces is a compound unit of measure.

Gateway of Tally.ERP 9 > Inventory Info > Unit of Measure > Create.

Step 1: Login to Tally, from Gateway of Tally > choose inventory info.

Inventory info - single stock in Tally

Step 2: Next choose “Unit of Measures”.

Unit of Measure in Tally

Step 3: Under Units, click on Create option to create units of measure in Tally.

Step 4: In next screen unit creation, enter the following details

  • Symbol: Enter the units symbol by which a stock items are identified. For e.g. No’s indicates numbers.
  • Formal name: Formal name refer as another name of the units. It helps to match the symbols with their respective names.
  • Number of decimal places: number of decimal can be used for detecting units. For example – 5.20 Kg refer as 5Kg and 200 gms, where three decimals are expressed in grams.
Unit creation in tally ERP 9

After entering all the required details, press A:Accept to save the details in Tally.