How to enable payroll statutory features in Tally

In this Tally payroll tutorials, you will learn how to enable payroll statutory features in Tally. After enable payroll in Tally, the options of enable payroll statutory & set/alter payroll statutory details will be enabled in statutory & taxation’s.

Path: Gateway of Tally > F11: Features > F3: Statutory & Taxation.

Step 1: From Gateway of Tally, choose the option F11: Features.

F11 Features for Payroll in Tally

Step 2: Under company features, choose statutory & taxation option.

Choose statutory and taxation for payroll in Tally

Step 3: Under Statutory & Taxation, activate the following details.

  • Enable payroll statutory: Set the option as “Yes”
  • Set/alter payroll statutory details: Set the option as “Yes”.
enable payroll statutory in Tally

After enabling payroll statutory, press enter.

Step 4: Under Payroll statutory details, enter the required details of provident fund, employee state insurance, National pension scheme & income tax of company.

payroll statutory details in Tally

After entering the details, press enter to accept the screen and go back to Statutory & Taxation screen and press Ctrl+A to save the details in Tally.