What are groups in Tally

Group is a collection of ledgers of the same natures. Tally software automatically create 28 groups which are used in the chart of account. Out of 28 predefined groups in tally, 15 groups are primary groups and 13 groups are Sub-groups. The different types of groups are

  1. Primary Groups
  2. Sub Groups

Example of Group

Groups in Tally Example

Primary Groups: Primary Group in Tally is main group, Groups are structured as hierarchical organization. At the top of hierarchy are primary groups. Among 15 primary groups, 9 groups are balance sheets items and 6 groups are profit and loss a/c items.

List of Primary Groups in Tally

1. Branch/ Divisions6. Indirect Income11. Current Assets
2. Capital Accounts7. Suspense Account12. Direct Incomes
3. Sales Accounts8. Current Liabilities13. Fixed Assets
4. Loans (Liabilities)9. Misc. Expenses (Asset_14. Direct Expenses
5. Indirect Expenses10. Purchase Accounts15. Investments

Sub Groups: Sub groups are part of primary group, sub groups can be divided into 13 groups.

List of Sub groups in Tally

1. Sundry Creditors6. Duties & Taxes11. Bank Accounts
2. Secured Loans7. Deposits (Assets)12. Reserves & Surplus
3. Stock in Hand8. Bank OD Accounts13. Loan & Advances (Assets)
4. Provisions9. Unsecured Loans
5. Cash in Hand10. Sundry Debtors

Tally ERP 9 follows the single ledger concept of accounting and this leads to direct contrast to subsidiary ledger accounting. So all financial entries are performed using ledgers or account heads. You can group all ledgers and financial statements can be drawn according to requirements of company.

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