In this SAP SD tutorials, you will learn how to assign schedule line categories in SAP step by step using tcode VOV5.

How to Assign Schedule Line Categories in SAP

When you are processing sales documents, the SAP system automatically determines a corresponding schedule line category for the items. You can allocate a schedule line category to a item categories on the based on Material Requirement Planning (MRP) specified in the material master record for a material.

Navigation Path

SAP R/3 Role Assign schedule line categories
Transaction CodeVOV5
SAP IMG PathSPRO -> SAP Reference IMG (F5) -> Sales and Distribution -> Sales documents -> Schedule lines -> Assign schedule line categories

Step 1 : – Enter Tcode “VOV5” in the command field and enter.

 Assign schedule line categories tcode SAP

Step 2 : – On change view “Assign schedule line categories” overview screen, displays list of available entries such as item categories and schedule line categories. Click on new entries button and assign the schedule line category to the item category and MRP type.

Assign schedule line categories - new entries SAP

Step 3 : – On new entries assign schedule line categories screen, update the following details.

Item Category : – Update the item category key which you need to assign a schedule lines. In our case, the item category is ZSTD

MRP Type : – Update the material requirement planning type, in our case MRP type is ND (No material requirement planning)

PrpSchdLneCat: – Update the proposed proposed scheduled line category key, in our cased it is AT.

ManSchedLineCat: – It represent manual schedule line category, update it if required. This can be replace with the schedule line category in the sales documents.

Assign Schedule Line Categories in SAP

After maintaining all the required details, click on save button and save the configured scheduled line category assignment details. You can view the newly assigned schedule line categories in the change view assign schedule line categories overview screen.

Successfully we have assigned scheduled line categories in SAP system