How to assign division to sales organization in SAP

In this SAP SD tutorials, you will learn how to assign division to sales organization in SAP systems step by step. In previous training we have learned how to assign a distribution channel to a sales organization in SAP.

The link between division and sales organization in SAP is established through the assignment of division to sales organization.

Assignment configuration steps

You can assign division to sales organization by using the following navigation method.

  • Transaction code: – SPRO
  • Menu path: – SPRO > SAP implementation Guide > Enterprise Structure > Assignment > Sales & Distribution > Assign division to sales organization.

Step 1) Enter T-code SPRO in command field as shown below image and click on execute button.


Step 2) On customizing: execute project screen, click on SAP Reference IMG.

Customizing Execute project SAP Reference IMG

Step 3) On display IMG screen, navigate the menu path and execute IMG assign division to sales organization.

Assign Division to Sales Organization in SAP path

Step 4) On change view “Assignment sales organization — Division” Overview screen, click on new entries button for assignment further configuration process.

Assignment sales organization -- Division SAP

Step 5) On new entries assignment screen, update the following details.

  • SOrg: – Update the sales organization for assignment to division
  • Dv: – Update the division key for sales organization assignment.

Step 6) After maintaining the required details for assignment, click on save button and save the details.

Save sap configuration details

Successfully we have assigned sales organization to division in SAP.