In this SAP SD tutorials, you will learn how to define sales office in SAP step by step. In our previous tutorials we have learned how to create sales group in SAP SD.

What is Sales Office?

Sales office is a geographical aspect of structure of the company. Sales office can be assigned to one or more sales areas. When we are preparing sales order for a specific sales office, than the specific sales office must be assigned to the same sales area to which sale order is assigned.

Configuration process

Sales OfficeDescription
TKBGSales Office Bangalore
TKHYSales Office Hyderabad
TKDHSales Office Delhi
TKUSSales Office US

You can define sales office through the following navigation method.

Path: – SPRO -> IMG -> Enterprise Structure –> Definition –> Sales and Distribution –> Maintain Sales Office.

Step 1) Enter transaction code “SPRO” in the commend filed and enter.


Step 2) Click on “SAP Reference IMG” option.

Customizing Execute project SAP Reference IMG

Step 3) On display IMG screen, follow the navigation menu path and double click on maintain sales office.


Step 4) On change view sales offices overview screen, click on new entries button to maintain new sales offices in SAP as per requirements.

Sales Office New entries in SAP

Step 5) On new entries “Sales Office” screen, update the following details.

  1. Sales Office: – Enter the key that identifies the sales office in SAP. You are allowed to enter up to 4 alphanumeric digits.
  2. Description: – Update the text that describes about sales office in SAP.
How to Maintain Sales Office in SAP

Step 6) After maintaining all the required details of sales office, click on save button, choose customizing request and save the configured data.

Save sap configuration details

Successfully we have created new sales office in SAP Systems.