In this SAP SD tutorial, you will learn how configure / define access sequences in SAP using Tcode V/07.

What is Access Sequence? 

An access sequence is a search strategy that helps the SAP system to determine valid conditional records for condition types during pricing in sales documents. Access sequences is a cross client and also stored in work bench request.

Access sequences in SAP can have multiple condition tables and access sequence can used for multiple condition types. In access sequence, condition tables are from most specific to most generic.

Purpose of Configuration

Access sequences must be created in SAP to use condition records. In pricing procedure, access sequence is assigned to condition types and it helps to retrieve the data from condition table in a logical sequence.

SAP SD – Define Access Sequences in SAP


SAP R/3 Role MenuMaintain Access Sequences
Transaction CodeV/07
SAP IMG PathSPRO (Tcode) -> Implementation Guide for R/3 Customizing (IMG) => Sales and Distribution (SD) => Basic functions => Pricing => Pricing control => Maintain access sequences.

Step 1 : – Enter Tcode “V/07” in the command field and click on execute option.

access sequences tcode SAP

An information – caution: the is cross -client displays on the screen, press enter to continue.

access sequences information

Step 2: – On change view access sequences overview screen, click on new entries button to create a new access sequence in SAP as per requirements of project.

Access sequences new entries SAP

Step 3 : – On new entries access sequence screen, update the following details.

  • AS : – Enter the key that identify as the access sequence in SAP
  • Description : – Update the descriptive text of access sequence.
  • Ty. : – Choose access category if required.
Define Access Sequences in SAP

Click on save button and save the configured access sequences details in SAP.

Step 4 :– Choose newly defined access sequence key and double click on Accesses.

Accesses SAP

On change view accesses overview screen, click on new entries button and place the condition table from most specific to most general.

SAP Accesses new entries

On new entries accesses screen, update the required condition tables in the required order from most specific to most general.

  • No : – It specifies the sequential number condition table.
  • Table :- In this field, you need to specify the condition table number.
  • Exclusive : –By choosing exclusive check box, the system finds the valid condition record and system will come out with search strategy and determine the price into sales document.
Accesses new entries in SAP

Select the condition table entered in access sequences and click on fields. The system gives the warning messages as “The field assignment has not yet been made”, press enter till you get the fields. Repeat the same procedure for all the condition tables in access sequences. Choose the save button and save the details.

Successfully we have configured access sequences in SAP.