Swift – Create Text File

To create a text file in Swift, call createFile() function on the file manager object, and pass the file path and contents to the function.


The syntax of createFile() function is

func createFile(atPath: String, contents: Data?, attributes: [FileAttributeKey : Any]?) -> Bool


atPathPath of the text file, we would like to create.
contentsContent to write to the Text File.
attributesA dictionary containing the attributes to associate with the new file.

createFile() function returns a boolean value. The function returns true if the file is created successfully. If there is any issue while creating the file, and if the file could not be created, then the function returns false.



In the following example, we will create a text file with the name test.txt in the current user home directory.


import Foundation

let filePath = NSHomeDirectory() + "/test.txt"
if (FileManager.default.createFile(atPath: filePath, contents: nil, attributes: nil)) {
    print("File created successfully.")
} else {
    print("File not created.")


File created successfully.
Swift - Create Text File


We have successfully created text file using createFile() function of File Manager in Swift.