Append or Concatenate Strings in Swift

To concatenate two strings in Swift, use concatenate operator +. The syntax to concatenate two strings is:

var str = str1 + str2

where str1 and str2 are the two strings that we append. The concatenate operator + returns the resulting string and we are storing the resulting concatenated string in str variable.


In the following program, we have two strings in variables str1 and str2. These two strings are concatenated using Concatenation Operator +.


var str1 = "Hello"
var str2 = " World!"
var str = str1 + str2
print( str )


Hello World!

Example 2 – Concatenate Two or More Strings in Swift

You can concatenate more than two strings in a single statement as shown in the below example.


var str1 = "Swift"
var str2 = "Tutorial"
var str3 = "by"
var str4 = "TutorialKart."

//concatenate strings
var str = str1 + " " + str2 + " " + str3 + " " + str4

print( str )


Swift Tutorial by TutorialKart.


In this Swift Tutorial, we have concatenated two or more strings using concatenation operator +.