Swift – Add Element to Dictionary

Welcome to Swift Tutorial. In this tutorial, we will learn how to append elements to a Swift Dictionary.

To append an element to a dictionary in Swift programming, assign a value to the Dictionary with a key that is not already present.

myDictionary[new_key] = value

Note that the new_key has to be unique with respect to the keys already present in the dictionary. value does not have any constraints.

If the new_key is not unique, the value for the existing key shall be updated.

Also, remember that the datatypes of new_key and value should obey the datatypes of the dictionary’s key and value datatypes.

Example 1 – Append an Element to Swift Dictionary

In this example, we shall create a dictionary with some initial values, and append a new (key, value) pair to the dictionary.


var myDictionary:[String:Int] = ["Mohan":75, "Raghu":82, "John":79]

myDictionary["Surya"] = 88

for (key, value) in myDictionary {
    print("\(key) : \(value)")


Raghu : 82
Mohan : 75
John : 79
Surya : 88


In this Swift Tutorial, we have learned how to append an element to a Swift Dictionary with the help of example programs.