Auditing Salesforce Org – Audit trail, Field history Tracking

In this salesforce tutorial we are going to learn about different auditing Salesforce org features. Auditing features do not provide security to the organization themselves but they provide information about usage of the system which will be helpful in diagnosing potential or real security issues. It is very important that to perform regular audits to detect potential abuse. We should perform regular audits to check unusual usage.

Salesforce provides different types of application to monitor changes in our salesforce organisation, user activities and object history tracking. All these Auditing features and applications are managed and viewed by system administrator only.

Auditing Salesforce Org - Audit trail, Field history Tracking

What are the different ways to Auditing Salesforce Org.

  • Record modification fields :- Every time when a record is created or updated salesforce automatically logs in the person who created the record and the person who modified the record last time.
  • Login History :- Login history basically tells about which all the users who login in to the org,  whether the login is successful or failure and how they they basically login, login via browser or login via Api. all these information available at login history. In login history we get information about login time, Source IP, location, Login type, status, Browser, Platform, Application, Client version and Api Type.
  • Field History Tracking :-  Field History Tracking is method used to capture the changes in the field. This can be done for standard objects and custom objects. Field history report logs will be retained up to 18 months.
  • Setup Audit Trail :- Salesforce Audit Trail is available especially for administrators to track recent setup changes in the organization. Setup Audit trail feature is available only for user and administrators who have view setup and configuration permissions.

Record modification, login history, field history tracking and setup audit trail are the four ways used for Auditing salesforce. In our upcoming Salesforce tutorial we clearly understand about all the four Auditing systems in salesforce.