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In this Salesforce admin training tutorial we are going to learn about salesforce record type, creating record type, assigning profiles and assigning picklist values to the salesforce record type.

 Salesforce record type allows every administrator to configure different page layouts, business processes and picklist values based on user’s profile.

The significance of Salesforce record type can be understood only when we have different business process defined in an organization. In this Salesforce tutorial we are going to create Record type for standard object Accounts. In accounts there are three type. They are

  1. Broker Account :- The acquisition team handles broker account.
  2. Tenant Accounts :- The Leasing team handles tenant
  3. Law Firm Accounts :- Legal team handles this law firm account.

To check record types login to and navigate to object | Record types.

As there are no record types in Standard and Custom object we are going to create new Salesforce record type in Account object. Check below how to create new salesforce record type.

Steps to implement Salesforce record type.

  1. Create respective page layouts.
  2. Assign appropriate fields to the page layouts.
  3.  Create the record type.
  4. Assign to profiles.
  5. Add corresponding values to picklist.

Creating page layouts page layouts and assigning page layouts.

  • In this Salesforce tutorial we have to create three profiles.
Salesforce record type
  • As shown above we have created three new profiles in Salesforce and assign field to their respective profile layout in Salesforce.

Learn how to create profiles in Salesforce.

Creating page layouts for record types.

As already we learned about creating page layouts in salesforce. Create three page layouts in Standard object Account.

salesforce record types

Learn how to create page layout in salesforce.

Creating field and assigning fields to page layouts.

Assigning fields to leasing account.

Record types in Salesforce

Assigning fields to acquisition layout.

Record types in SFDC

Assigning fields to legal layout.

Salesforce field types

How to create Salesforce record type.

To create Salesforce record type go to Account Object | Record type | New.

  • Click on record on new record type.
Salesforce Record Type | Salesforce Help & Training
  • Enter record label, record type name.
  • Click on active to make it active.
  • Select the profile to which this record type is to be visible.

Here we creating record type for acquisition team so we are enabled for only acquisition profile only.

  • Click on Next button.
Salesforce Record Type | Salesforce Help & Training
  • Select the page layout as shown above.
  • Click on Save button.

Successfully we have create Salesforce record type and we have to edit picklist values for account Type.

  • Go to Account type and click on Edit button.
Salesforce Record Type | Salesforce Help & Training

Only Individual Broker and third Party Broker are only applicable for Broker. So we have selected those two picklist values for Broker record type.

  • Click on Save button.
Salesforce Record Type | Salesforce Help & Training

Successfully we have created all the three account record types in salesforce.

  • To check Record types in Salesforce create new account.
Salesforce Record Type | Salesforce Help & Training

previously when creating an account we don’t see any record types in Salesforce. Now we have to select Salesforce record type to create new account.


In this Salesforce tutorial we have create record types successfully. In our upcoming Salesforce admin Training tutorial we are going to learn about Data management in Salesforce.