Data Management tools in Salesforce

As an Administrator this is the important sections that to be understood clearly. Here we learn about what are the different options for importing and exporting data in Salesforce, limits to import data, different data management tools like Data import wizard and Data loader.

What is Data Model in Salesforce

  • Data Model  is the storage structure, to store the data in efficient way.

 To create Data model we require

  1. Objects.
  2. Fields.
  3. Relationships.
  4. validation Rules.
  5. Page Layouts.

Every project starts from the creation of data model. In which various objects, fields, relationship and validation rules with page layouts are defined. The next step in the process is to fetch data in the data model. There are various mechanisms to fetch data into Salesforce.

  1. Data Import.
  2. Apex DataLoader.
  3. Integration.
  4. Excel Connector.

 What are the activities that we do with Sample records.

  1. We Create new records – Import.
  2. We edit existing record – Update.
  3. We Delete existing record .
  4. We export information
  5. We transfer Ownership.

These are the activities that we do with data. Consider an example if we have a few records in an application we can import and export data manually with out using any automation tools.  But what if the same thing got in bulk. If there are 10000 leads information in the system now we have to import those 10000 leads in to our system. Here the Data Management tools in Salesforce come into picture. Using Data management tools we can update, edit, delete records in bulk amount.

Different Data Management tools in Salesforce

  1. Data Import Wizard.
  2. Apex Data Loader.
Data Management tools in Salesforce

We have to understand what are the similarities, advantages, disadvantage and which tools we have to use in Salesforce.

Import WizardApex Data loader
It can load upto 50,00 records at a time.It can load upto 2,50,00 records at a time.
It can Accounts, Contacts, Lead, solutions and all custom objects.All Standard and Custom objects.
De-Duplication will happen.De-Duplication will not happen.
Insert, Update, Upsert operations can be doneInsert, Update, Upsert, delete, Hard delete, export, export all operations can be done.


In our upcoming Salesforce tutorial we learn deeply about different operations in Apex Data Loader and Import wizard.