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How to create Salesforce Custom Objects

Creating Salesforce Custom Objects.

Salesforce Custom Objects : Like relational Database,  Data is stored in Tables which has number of Rows and columns. Databases uses Objects to store Data.

What is an Object?

Every object will have a field and a record. database is like a relational database table which stores certain type of information in it’s field and records. In Salesforce Objects, Fields are corresponded as Columns and records are corresponded as Rows.

Different Types of Objects in Salesforce?

In Salesforce, Objects are of two they are Standard Objects and Custom Objects.

  1. Standard Objects :- Standard Objects are the one which are created by by default. Example:- Chatters, campaign, Leads, Contacts, Opportunities and so on.
  2. Custom Objects :- Custom objects are those which are created by Salesforce user and the API name is suffixed with __C.

In Salesforce we find everything in the form of component. When we talk about components in salesforce we have to types of components they are

Standard ComponentCustom Component
Available in Salesforce by defaultCreated by User in
Cannot be createdCan be created
Can be viewedCan be viewed
Can be modified but to a certain extentCan be modified to any extent.
Standard Components can not be deletedCustom components can be deleted.
Ex:-  Report, Object, Field, Vf pages, Workflow Rules etc.

 How to create Salesforce Custom Objects

Custom objects are the new objects which is crated to store some unique information to our organisation. Now let us see how to create Salesforce Custom Objects.

  • Navigate to Setup | Build | Create | Objects.

Salesforce Custom Objects

When we click on Objects a new page will be opened and click on new custom object as shown below.

Salesforce Custom Object

Now let us create new Salesforce custom object. Enter Label and Plural name that you want to give for your custom object. Enter Description for every component that you create in Salesforce.

Custom objects in Salesforce

When creating custom objects in Salesforce we come across with record name and the data type. Once we created custom objects and fields we will talk about record name and data type. And finally click on save button.Object definition page

What is object definition page. 

Object definition page defines the object. All the information regarding the object will be accessed in Object defined page. Ex:- Singular name, Plural name, Object name, API name, Created by, modified by and so on.