Profiles in Salesforce | Salesforce profiles

Profiles in salesforce is a collection of Settings and permissions that define how a user access records. Using profile we can assign Field Level Security for Objects, Users permissions, fields, tab settings etc.

What does a profile Control?

Profiles in Salesforce controls the following.

  1. Page layouts :- Which page layout the user has to see.
  2. Field Level Security :- Using field level security we can restrict user to Create, Read, Edit and delete fields.
  3. Custom apps :- Which standard and custom apps the user can view.
  4. Tabs :- Which tabs the user can view.
  5. Record types :- Which record types are available to user.
  6. Login :- Login IP and Salesforce login Hours restrictions can be made t users.

Different Profiles in Salesforce.

There are two types of Profiles in Salesforce. They are

  1. Standard Profiles.
  2. Custom Profiles.

Standard Profiles :- Standard Profiles in Salesforce are defaultly created with which cannot be renamed or deleted.

Standard profiles which are used most frequently in SFDC are

  1. System Administrator :- System administrator is the super user and can customize every application in an organization.
  2. Standard User :- Standard user can View, Edit and delete their own records.
  3. Read Only :- Can only view records.
  4. Solution Manager :- Solution manager can customize standard user permissions, published solutions and solutions categories.
  5. Marketing User :- Marketing user can import organization leads and have all standard user permissions
  6. Contract Manager :- Contract manager can edit, approve, activate and delete contracts and also have all standard user permissions.

Custom Profiles :- Custom Profiles in Salesforce are defined by user. These profiles can be edited and deleted.

Navigating to Profiles in Salesforce.

profiles in Salesforce

Profiles in Salesforce can be accessed fromAdminister | Manage users | Profiles.

Relationship Between User and a Profile

What is the relationship between user and a profile? Whether it is one to many or many to many relationships. It is one to many relationship between profile and a user. A profile can have many users but a user must have only one profile assigned.

There is only one profile assigned to a user. To check the list of user assigned to a profile system administrator.

profiles in

Click on view users to check the list of users attached to a profile.


In our next Salesforce tutorial we are going to learn about field level security in Salesforce.