Salesforce Data Import Wizard

Salesforce Data Import Wizard is one of the Data Management tool used in SFDC. In this Salesforce Tutorial we are going to learn about Salesforce Data Import Wizard and how to Update, Insert and Upsert a record using Data Import Wizard Salesforce.

What is Data Import Wizard?

Salesforce Data Import Wizard is one of the Data Management tool used in Salesforce to import records less than 50,0000 records.

Steps to use Salesforce Data Import wizard.

Before importing or exporting data using data import wizard we have to follow some certain steps. Check below

  1. Prepare the data file.
  2. Select the Standard or Custom objects in the wizard.
  3. Select the activity to be performed(Insert or Update or Upsert).
  4. Map the fields in the data file with the fields in the Salesforce object.
  5. Perform the import / Update operation.
  6. Monitor the job status.
  7. Rework on the errored records if any.

Preparing the data file we have to take care on Mandatory fields, validation rules, data types etc. Here the date files is prepared in Comma separated values(CSV) format. Using Salesforce Data Import wizard we can three operation they are update, Insert and Upsert.

Mapping fields.

After uploading Data file to data import wizard, mapping fields must be done. Mapping the fields in the data file with the fields in the Salesforce object. After mapping we have to check Job status and errors.

Let us create Data file.

  1. To create Data file in Microsoft Office[] go to Excel and save the file with extension .CSV format.
  2. To create data file in macOS go to Numbers and create a data file. Now export the file to CSV format and Save it.Salesforce Data Import Wizard

Inserting Leads using Salesforce Data Import Wizard.

To launch salesforce Data Import wizard go toAdminister | Data management | Data Import Wizard| launch Wizard.

Importing data using Data Import Salesforce involves in mainly three steps.

Choosing the Data

  • Add New Records – It inserts records to the object.
  • Update Existing records – It updates existing records.
  • Add new and update existing records – It update the record and if the record not exists it creates new record.

We can import data into salesforce upto 50,000 records at a time. We can import Standard objects and Custom Objects.

In this step we have to choose the activity that to be performed using Salesforce data loader. Here we are going to add new records to the leads object.  As we are working on leads object click  on Standard Objects.

  1. Click on Leads.
  2. Now click on add new records and select name in match lead by section.
  3. Now upload the CSV file that we created earlier.
  4. Click on Next button.

Step 2 :- Mapping the Fields.

Salesforce will map the fields automatically as per CSV header. If not click on map and select the appropriate field. We can change the field we

As shown above we have successfully Mapped four fields. Every detail like Which object we selected, what function we selected, Is data CSV file is uploaded or not all these details available as shown above.  Now click onStart Import button.

We have successfully imported. Click on OK button.

This is the bulk job details. Some useful details about the Job present as shown above.

  1. Job ID.
  2. Which object we selected.
  3. External Id field.
  4. Data file type.
  5. Number of batches in progress.
  6. Completed batch list.
  7. Records processed.
  8. Number of records failed.

Click on View Results as shown above. Now a file will be download where it displays success and failure messages in the excel sheet.

To check bulk data load jobs in Salesforce go to Setup | Monitor | Jobs | Bulk Data loader jobs.