Salesforce Security Model | Salesforce Security Overview

In this Salesforce Admin Tutorial we are going to learn about Salesforce Security Model, Salesforce Security Basics and fundamentals, What is System level Security and what is application level security.

Introduction to Data Security in Salesforce.

In Salesforce, Securing Data from un authenticated users is very important. Data in Salesforce is stored in the form of Objects, Fields and records. To Secure data we have to design and implement salesforce security data model for all different users and data they need to access. We have four different levels of data access in They are

  1. Organization level Security or system level Security.
  2. Objects level Security
  3. Field level Security.
  4. Record level Security

Organization or System level Security.

System level security is the highest level of security in Salesforce where we maintain a list of authorized users to login, Password policies, Login IP ranges, limiting login access to certain hours, Session Security, Login Flows, Network Access.

Object Level Security or Profiles.

Object Level Security in Salesforce is done at profile level by setting permissions on Objects.

  • We can prevent user to edit, Create, Delete, View of a record in that Object.

Field Level Security in Salesforce.

Record level Security in Salesforce.

In Record level Security in Salesforce grant user to access some object records and not all. Record level sharing or Security can be done by

  1. Orgaization-wide Sharing settings.
  2. Role Hierarchy.
  3. Sharing Rules.
  4. Manual Sharing.
  5. Apex Managing sharing

Salesforce Security Model Classification.

Security in Salesforce is broadly classified in to two types. They are

  1. System Level Security.
  2. Application Level Security.

System Level Security in Salesforce.

System Level Security in Salesforce is basically various security controls that we have to login into Salesforce Application.

In our upcoming Salesforce Admin Tutorials we covers System Level Security, topics on the following.

  1. Authentication.
  2. Authorization.
  3. Social Sign On.

Application Level Security in Salesforce

Application Level Security in Salesforce controls and restricts what the user can Edit, Delete and View the values of the field of an Object. This Salesforce security type is done after salesforce login.

In our upcoming Salesforce tutorials we will cover topics on Application Level Security in Salesforce given below.

  1. Profiles.
  2. Permission Sets.
  3. Roles.
  4. Sharing.
    1. Owner.
    2. Role Hierarchy.
    3. Organization Wide Defaults.
    4. Sharing Rules.


In our next Salesforce Admin Tutorial we are going to learn about System Level Security in Salesforce.