SAP FICO Interview Questions

Frequently asked and top SAP FICO interview questions and answers 2018 for freshers and experienced candidates with detailed explanations, and also download interview questions in PDF.

The main goal of this SAP fico interview questions are provide readers with a good knowledge base, to those new to SAP Finance Accounting and SAP controlling and to sharpen the skills to experienced consultants for job change.

Through this SAP FICO interview questions, we will cover all the important interview questions by topic wise.

Q1 - SAP FICO Interview Questions on Enterprise Structure

1. What is SAP FICO?

SAP FICO stands for Financial accounting (FI) and Controlling. FICO module is the backbone of SAP which records, collects and process all the financial transactions of an organization on real time basis and provides the required details for internal and external reporting. SAP FICO module can be integrated with other modules of SAP.

2. What are the important sub-modules of SAP FI?

3. What are the important organisational units in SAP?

  1. Company
  2. Company code
  3. Business Area

4.What are the data will be copied to a new company code when you create a company code using copy as function?

5. All the master data of company code will be copied to the new company code except transactional data.

6. What is Retained earning account? and how many retained earnings account can be maintained in SAP?

In the year end, all the profit & loss account balances are transferred to surplus in reserves & surplus account which is called as retained account. We can define as many retained earnings accounts in SAP as per requirements.

8. What is calendar year and non calendar year?

  • The fiscal year (financial year) that starts from January and end on December is called as Calendar year.
  • The fiscal year which is other than January to December can be call is as non calendar year.

9. What is chart of accounts?

10. Different between operating chart of accounts and group chart of accounts

11. How many chart of accounts (COA) that company code can have?

In SAP, one company code can be assigned to only one chart of accounts. However one chart of accounts can be assigned to one or more company code.

12. What is a posting period and how the SAP system identify a posting period?

13. What happened when you a post a transaction to fiscal year 2017 when you are in 2018?

14. Explain how do you open and close posting periods in SAP?

15. Can you post a transaction to customer account in previous year which is closed?

16. Explain about normal posting periods and special periods?

17. Explain how to open a new fiscal year in the SAP system?

18. What are all the prerequisites for posting in an foreign currency?

19. What is exchange rate and how to maintained in SAP?

20. What is local currency in SAP?

21. How do you consolidate the activities of two company codes with different chart of accounts?

Q2 - SAP FICO interview questions on FI-GL

1 What is account group and where it is used?

2. What is field status group?

3. What is the purpose of document type in SAP?

4. What is financial statement version?

5. What is the default exchange rate type that is picked for all transactions in SAP?

6. Number of line items on single entry can have?

7. How do you configure the SAP script financial statement version form?

Q3 - SAP FICO interview questions on Accounts Payable & Accounts Receivable

1. Where are the payment terms maintained for customer master record?

2. Explain entire process of invoice verification from GR

3. It is possible to change the reconciliation account in the vendor master record?

4. What is dunning level? and what is the maximum number of dunning levels can be created in SAP?

5. What is the importance of bank types in customer and vendor master record?

6. What is automatic payment program? and explain its importance.

Q4 - SAP FICO Interview Questions on Bank Accounting

1. What is bank reconciliation and how it is handled in SAP?

2. How do you configure check deposit

3. What is Electronic Bank Statement (EBS) and Manual Bank Statement?

4. What is clear basis for check deposit?

Q5 - SAP FICO interview question on Asset Accounting

1. What are the configuration steps for asset accounting in SAP

2. What is an asset class in SAP?

3. What is depreciation key and how to define in SAP?

4. How to maintain multiple shift depreciation in asset master?

5. What are evaluation groups?

6. How to change fiscal year in asset accounting

7. What are depreciation areas and how to define in SAP?

8. What is the depreciation key 0000?