Define House Bank in SAP

 The bank which is used for payment transactions for the company is called as house bank in SAP. Each house bank of a company code in SAP is represented by a bank id. You can create bank master record separately and use it as house bank as per requirements of projects.

Purpose of Configuration

In this activity you define house banks and account id for an organization as per business requirements. In SAP, house bank consists detailed information of bank account master record with bank data, communication details, edi partner profiles, etc.

Navigation Path

You can create/ define house bank in SAP FICO by using the following SAP menu path and transaction code FI12.

SAP R/3 Role MenuDefine House Banks
Transaction codeFI12
SAP Menu PathSPRO > Implementation Guide for R/3 Customizing (IMG) > Financial Accounting (New) > Bank Accounting > Bank Accounts > Define House Banks

House Bank Configuration steps in SAP FICO

Step 1 : – Enter SAP transaction code “FI12” in the command field and press enter to continue.

Define house bank tcode in SAP

Step 2 : – On determine work area entry screen, update the company code for which you are going to create house banks in SAP.

Determine work area for house bank in SAP

Step 3 : – On change view House banks overview screen, click on “New Entries” button for creation of new house bank in SAP.

house banks new entries SAP

Step 3 : –  On new entries house bank screen, update the following details.

  • House Bank : – Enter the four digits key that identifies the house bank in SAP FICO.

House Bank Data

  • Bank Country : – Update Bank County key – IN
  • Bank Key : –  Update the bank key

Communication data

  • Telephone 1 : – Update contact number
  • Contact Person : – Responsible person name for contact.
create house bank in sap fico

After updating all the required details, click on save button and save the configured details.

Create Bank Account ID in SAP

After successfully creation of house bank in SAP, now you need to configure account ID. To do this perform the following settings.

Double click on Bank Accounts option which is under house banks.

Bank accounts in SAP

On change view bank accounts overview screen, click on new entries button for creation of bank account details.

create house bank account id in SAP

On change view bank accounts details overview screen, update the following details.

  • Account ID : – Update the key that identifies the house bank account id in SAP
  • Description : – Update the descriptive text of account id.
  • Bank Account Number : -Update the account number of bank
  • Alternative : – Update alternative bank account number if required.
  • Currency : – Currency of bank account.
Account id SAP

Successfully we have created house bank in SAP. Continue to read free SAP FICO tutorials with real time scenarios.