In this SAP FICO tutorial, you will learn how to check exchange rate types in SAP. In our previous tutorials we have learned how to configure SAP financial accounting enterprise structure and global parameters.

Check Exchange Rate Types in SAP

The important exchange rate types are

  • Bank Buying Rate (G Type) : – This rate type is used for when the bank is buying from Company. For E.g. Exports.
  • Bank Selling Rate (B Type) : – This rate rate is used for when the bank is selling to company. For e.g. Imports
  • Average Type (M Type) : – This is average exchange rate.

Other important configurations to refer

You can check exchange rate types by using one of the following SAP navigation method.

  • Transaction code: – OB07
  • Menu Path: – SPRO –> IMG –> SAP Netweaver –> General Settings –> Currencies –> Check Exchange Rate type

Step 1) Enter transaction code “OB07” in the SAP command field and enter.

Step 2) On change view currency translation exchange rate types overview screen, list of exchange rate types displays with details of reference currency, buying rate and selling rate. Either you can create new exchange rate types or you can use predefined rate types in SAP. To check exchange rate types, click on position button, enter exchange rate type key and check the settings. (G, B, M rate types).

Check exchange rate types in SAP FICO

In our scenario, we use predefined exchange rate types  – bank buying rate, bank selling rate type and average type. However we can defined new exchange rate types as per organizational requirements.

This is new entries of rate types screen, update all the details and click on save button to save your configured details.

Successfully we have configured exchange rate types in SAP.