In this PHP tutorial, you shall learn how to append a string to the given string using String Concatenation Assignment Operator, with example programs.

PHP – Append String

To append string to another, in PHP, use string concatenation assignment operator. The concatenation assignment operator which is .= appends the given string with a string.

To mention the operators separately, . is concatenation operator and = is assignment operator. .= appends the left operand with the right side operand and assigns the result to the left operand.

The syntax to append string $string1 with the string $string2 is

$string1 .= $string2



1. Append string “banana” to the string “apple”

In the following program, we have defined two strings, namely $string1 and $string2. We will use string concatenation assignment operator and append $string2 to $string1.

PHP Program

$string1 = "apple";
$string2 = "banana";
$string1 .= $string2;
echo $string1;


PHP - Append String


In this PHP Tutorial, we learned how to append a string to given string, using example PHP program.