In this PHP tutorial, you shall learn how to check if given string ends with a specific string using substr_compare() function, with example programs.

PHP – Check if String Ends with Substring

To check if string ends with specific substring, use substr_compare() function to compare the substring of the given string from a specific position, with the specific substring.

Step by step process

Step by step process to check if strings ends with a specific substring is

  1. Take string in variable $string.
  2. Take substring in $substring.
  3. Compute the length of $substring and store it in $length.
  4. Call substr_compare() function with the $string, $substring and negative $length passed as arguments. Negative length tells substr_compare() function to take the last part of the given string for a length given by $length.
  5. If given string ends with the specific substring, substr_compare() returns 0. Write this as a condition in PHP If statement.


1. Check if string ends with “world”

In this example, we will implement the steps mentioned above in PHP language.

PHP Program

$string = "hello world";
$substring = "world";
$length = strlen($substring);
if ( substr_compare($string, $substring, -$length) === 0 ) {
    echo "\"{$string}\" ends with \"{$substring}\".";
} else {
    echo "\"{$string}\" does not end with \"{$substring}\".";


PHP - Check if String Ends with Substring


In this PHP Tutorial, we learned how to check if a string ends with a specific substring, using PHP built-in function substr_compare().