In this tutorial, you shall learn about Assignment Operators in PHP, different Assignment Operators available in PHP, their symbols, and how to use them in PHP programs, with examples.

Assignment Operators

Assignment Operators are used to perform to assign a value or modified value to a variable.

Assignment Operators Table

The following table lists out all the assignment operators in PHP programming.

Simple Assignment=x = 5Assigns value of 5 to variable x.
Addition Assignment+= x += y Assigns the result of x+y to x.
Subtraction Assignment-= x -= y Assigns the result of x-y to x.
Multiplication Assignment*= x *= y Assigns the result of x*y to x.
Division Assignment/= x /= y Assigns the result of x/y to x.
Modulus Assignment%= x %= y Assigns the result of x%y to x.


In the following program, we will take values in variables $x and $y, and perform assignment operations on these values using PHP Assignment Operators.

PHP Program

  // Simple Assignment
  $x = 5;
  echo "After Simple assignemnt, x = $x" . "<br>";

  // Addition Assignment
  $x = 5;
  $y = 2;
  $x += $y;
  echo "After Addition assignemnt, x = $x" . "<br>";

  // Subtraction Assignment
  $x = 5;
  $y = 2;
  $x -= $y;
  echo "After Subtraction assignemnt, x = $x" . "<br>";

  // Multiplication Assignment
  $x = 5;
  $y = 2;
  $x *= $y;
  echo "After Multiplication assignemnt, x = $x" . "<br>";

  // Division Assignment
  $x = 5;
  $y = 2;
  $x /= $y;
  echo "After Division assignemnt, x = $x" . "<br>";

  // Modulus Assignment
  $x = 5;
  $y = 2;
  $x %= $y;
  echo "After Modulus assignemnt, x = $x" . "<br>";


Assignment Operators in PHP

Assignment Operators Tutorials

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In this PHP Tutorial, we learned about all the Assignment Operators in PHP programming, with examples.