In this tutorial, you shall learn about Classes and Objects in PHP, about Object Oriented Programming concepts in PHP, with the help of tutorials for each of these concepts.

Classes and Objects

The following tutorials cover the Object Oriented Programming concepts in PHP language, and cover some of the most occurring use cases.

Object Oriented Programming Concepts

  • PHP – Class PHP Tutorial on what a class is, and how to define a class in PHP with syntax and examples.
  • PHP – Class Object An instance of a class that has its own set of attributes and methods.
  • PHP – Class Encapsulation The process of wrapping data and methods inside a class, and hiding the implementation details from the outside world.
  • PHP – Class Inheritance PHP Tutorial to implement class inheritance, how to define a child and parent classes, how to access the properties and methods of parent class, etc.
  • PHP – Class Polymorphism The ability of objects to take on multiple forms or behaviors. Polymorphism can be achieved through method overloading or method overriding.
  • PHP – Class Abstraction The process of focusing on the essential features of an object and hiding the non-essential details. Abstraction is achieved by defining interfaces or abstract classes.

Class Tutorials

Exceptions related to Classes and Objects