In this tutorial, you shall learn about Modulus Assignment Operator, its syntax, and how to use this operator in programs, with examples.

PHP – Modulus Assignment Operator

Modulus assignment operator is used to divide first operand by second operand, and assign the remainder in this division operation to the first operand.


The syntax of using Modulus Assignment Operator is

operand1 %= operand2

The operation would be similar to the following statement.

operand1 = operand1 % operand2

which translates to the meaning of finding the value of operand1 % operand2 and assigning the result to operand1.

We can use variable for operand1; variable or value for operand2.



In the following example, we use Modulus Assignment Operator to modulus assign $x with 10.

PHP Program

$x = 42;
$x %= 10;
print_r("After modulus assignment, x is {$x}.");


PHP - Modulus Assignment Operator


In this PHP Tutorial, we learned about Modulus Assignment Operator, and how to assign the variable with the remainder in the division of the variable by a given value.